General Industry

Soundproofing systems range from small enclosures on fans and compressors, to enclosure of whole cement towers. Quality of the materials chosen as well as a bespoke design which ensures the possibility for future modification are the key factors. Every system is individually designed to meet exact customer requirements.

Hinged or sliding doors are integrated to the design, and ventilation is carefully chosen to guarantee excellent operability for technicians and machines.

Typical installations include:

  • Enclosures on metal forming machines;
  • Silencers on clean air or gas exhausts;
  • Enclosures on Fans, Compressors and Turbines;
  • Soundproofing Doors, Windows and Facades;
  • Soundproofing Curtains and Louvres;
  • Sound absorbers for civil installations;
  • Partitioning walls, ceilings and barriers.