Food, Bottling & Pharmaceutical

Soundproofing in the Food, Bottling and Pharmaceutical Industries needs to combine the results obtained with the ease to clean and sanitise surfaces in contact with foodstuffs.

Sound levels, especially along glass bottling lines, can exceed 100dB(A) and need to be carefully considered if these are to be brought below legal requirements, which are becoming more stringent year after year. Experience, more than pure physics, plays an important role in the choice of materials and construction, and this is why having worked for more than thirty years in the field puts our technicians at the top of the league.

  • Soundproofing of filling chutes and transportation belts;
  • Soundproofing of production lines and filling stations;
  • Partitioning of wards and production facilities with fixed or movable hygienic walls;
  • Ceiling Baffles to reduce reflection and reverberation;
  • Soundproofing of rinsers and fillers for flat and sparkling beverages in PET, Aluminium or Glass containers;
  • Soundproofing systems for pneumatic cap transportation;
  • Operator booths.