Soundproofing to deal with Noise problems, whether industrial or civil, are tackled using the most up to date analysis techniques, followed by careful design and selection of cutting edge materials.

A preliminary site visit and a noise survey are always carried out before commencing our designs. This allows our team of technicians to choose the right materials, thicknesses and combination of panels to guarantee the best results. All factors which have an impact on the design are considered, and priority is given to making sure that, when in place, the soundproofing enclosures will interfere as little as possible with standard machine operations. In the same way, our technicians will discuss in detail everyday maintenance procedures with your staff, to make sure that sufficient opening, doorways or hatches are built into the design right from the start to guarantee a stress-free operability.

The systems we propose do not only meet design conditions in terms of reduction in noise levels to fulfil legal requirements; they also have a very pleasant visual impact, and guarantee maximum visibility to the operators, inside and outside the enclosures. Our latest design of enclosures therefore makes large use of transparent sections, to guarantee ease of operation and constant visual communication. This gives a sense of safety to operators when entering the enclosures for routine operations, and is achieved whilst keeping in mind the primary objective of reducing noise levels to below legal requirements whilst still guaranteeing excellent serviceability and ease of maintenance.

We strongly belief that our soundproofing enclosure would last a lifetime, so the possibility to disassemble and modify them is critical. All enclosures are build around a robust steel frame, holding the various components together. Each component, in the same way, is manufactured to very high standards and assembled on site using bolts and screws only, to allow them to be disassembled in case of need. All gaps and passages of tubes or services are sealed as much as possible.

Robust, Safe and Serviceable. Enclosures that are truly designed and built to last for decades!