Heat Recovery Units

No Pollution industrial systems Installs heat recovery solutions across all industrial sectors. As a result we have helped industries save millions in energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by tons annually.

What is heat recovery?

In simple terms, it is the process of recycling hot air generated from an industrial process that would otherwise be lost. With the addition of heat exchangers, energy within hot expulsion is transferred to clean incoming air.

This allows re-use for winter heating or other industrial processes. Therefore reducing electrical consumption consequently resulting in less greenhouse gas emitted. Increasing efficiency with heat recovery is the best way to stay competitive.

Whether treating large industrial expulsions or smaller ventilations, Increasing efficiency with heat recovery is the best way to stay competitive.
Especially relavent sources of waste heat can be:

• ventilation system extracts
• boiler flue gases
• boiler blowdown
• air compressors
• refrigeration plant
• high temperature exhaust gas streams from furnaces, kilns, ovens and dryers
• hot liquid effluents
• power generation plants
• process plant cooling systems.

Our Service.
In order to understand your potential for heat recovery, we will carry out an initial energy audit. Our engineers will visit your premises to gather data on your process, assessing where heat is generated and where the energy is dispersed. From this information we provide you a tailor made design, including a full descriptions of the energy savings possible and pay-back times.
From this we construct a system that is best suited to your conditions, fully fabricated and installed by our team of expert technicians.

The nature of heat recover and generated benefits, contributing in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, means there are many government incentives to promote the installations of these systems. We can help you understand these incentives and funding that may be on offer to you.