Energy Optimisation

A significant reduction in production costs is now possible, by making sure energy is used in the best way. Today more than ever this has a crucial role in staying competitive, and is a powerful corporate message towards a greater environmental concern.

no pollution designs and installs energy optimisation systems for many industrial processes. Whenever heat is involved in the process, we makes sure that it is used in the best possible way so to reduce waste and dispersion, maximising efficiency.

Energy optimisation systems include tunnels with controlled temperature and humidity, to guarantee that heat loss during transfer of material from one operation to the next is reduced to a minimum. One typical example is on Cardboard production lines, where enclosing the Bridge greatly reduces the heat loss by the board, meaning that less energy needs to be supplied at the final gluing stage.

On long industrial processes, transfers at a controlled atmosphere also guarantee a better quality of the finished product, with less waste produced.