Small Animal Calorimeters

Maybe "compact" in size, but still fully equipped and with all the characteristics to make these units your perfect test benches for smaller animals.

Like the larger chambers, our small animal calorimeters can be equipped with a fully customisable air conditioning unit, to accurately replicate temperature and relative humidity of real life situations. Controlled lighting is also an option, for day and night simulations. And if temperature and humidity regulation isn't required, the chambers can be fitted with just a forced ventilation, with or without flowrate control.

Particular attention has been placed on safety, when dealing with smaller animals that might require additional containment inside the chambers. This could be the use of metabolic crates and cages for rabbits and chicken or even trays for insects. A complete line of accessories can also be fitted, like faeces and urine collection trays, feed bins and water troughs, with everything designed to work in a fully integrated manner.

As for all our projects, these systems are custom designed and fully modular, to exactly match every project's requirements.