Mobile Animal Calorimeters

Roving research facility

Mobile Animal Calorimeters. Dynamic locations because permanent chambers are an impracticality.

When research "in-the-field" provides more realistic conditions.

Therfore No Pollution has developed mobile animal Calorimeters enabling the same control with added mobility! 

Mobile Animal Calorimeters are stand-alone units operational in any location. Resulting in an all chamber system, contained within a trailer. Consequently powered by three phase generator.

Operation from trailer top or ground level. Chambers are lowered by hydraulic pistons. Construction is particularly robust, with internal components in Stainless Steel.

External elements powder coated to withstand prolonged operations in harsh conditions. Especially relevant under blazing tropical sun or during an equatorial thunderstorm.

Accessories are aplenty, ranging from internal stanchions, feed bins and water troughs either with or without intake measuring recording. Full range of  gas analysis equipment.

Mobile controlled climate chambers