Mobile Animal Calorimeters

A fixed chamber is impractical because of space limitations? The chamber would be ideally shared between different sites? Why not choose a Mobile Chamber and take your research directly "in the field"!

Our Mobile Animal Calorimeters allow you to do exactly this! A fully functional, self contained chamber system that can be mounted on a heavy duty trailer and positioned and repositioned whenever needed. Through a hydraulic system, the chamber can be lowered from it's trailer and operated from the ground, to facilitate entry and exit of larger animals. With the same level of control as our fixed chambers, these systems are modular and can be configured as necessary.

When used close to a power source, the chamber can be connected to the grid. Alternatively, when operating in a remote location, a mobile generator can be supplied as an accessory. And because of the added mobility, construction is particularly robust, with internal components in Stainless Steel and external elements powder coated to withstand prolonged operations in harsh conditions, from blazing tropical sun to equatorial thunderstorms.

Accessories are aplenty, ranging from internal stanchions, feed bins and water troughs with or without intake measuring recording and a full range of  gas analysis equipment.

Mobile controlled climate chambers