Large Animal Calorimeters

No Pollution is proud to present its latest line of Large Animal Calorimeters for experimental and simulation purposes. Used primarily to investigate gas emissions from livestock, these very flexible chambers can be adapted for all research situations where constant control over thermal conditions is necessary.

Large Animal Calorimeters are specifically developed for those situations where a precise repeatability of conditions and a careful control over environmental parameters are crucial. These chambers are custom designed to suit our customers needs, both in terms of materials used as well as environmental parameters simulated.

The main design aspects are an accurate control over temperature and humidity, with a very wide range of conditions that can be simulated, coupled to a control system capable of recording and displaying many parameters such as fresh and recirculating airflows, temperature and humidity in different points of the circuit, and collection of data from other sensors.

Possible configurations and experimental set-ups are endless. We also supply specific accessories to facilitate the integration of experimental equipment with the chambers. For example, when the chambers are used to house large animals, specific stanchions can be supplied, fully integrated with milking gates, feed bins and water troughs, with devices such as load cells and flowmeters for measuring animal food and water intake.

Resistant to corrosion, robust, easy to clean and maintain, our Large Animal Calorimeters are fully customisable and feature the most up to date sensor and control system technology.