Soundproofing of a Modul Facer, France

A bespoke soundproofing enclosure was installed for a customer in Mortagne-sur-sèvre. Specific attention was placed on the design, to match the looks of the enclosed Modul Facer. To ensure the machine could be easily serviced in the future, importance was placed on designing the enclosure so that it can be frequently accessed.

Chambers in operation!

First experiments with calves using the brand new Medium Animal Calorimeters in Agrovet-Strickhof, Lindau.

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Soundproofing of a Modul facer, France

SOFPO Exideuil has been operating with a No Pollution soundproofing enclosure since 2014. A second soundproofing enclosure was installed on site. Designed to match the existing enclosure and machinery while providing a noise reduction to be compliant with EU legislation.

Soundproofing Cardboard Production Dry End, France

A second No Pollution soundproofing enclosure has been built at the Sical Rossman Cardboard production factory in Lumbres.

No Pollution designed an enclosure to fit around existing production machinery and ensured installation without halting the factories production.

ILRI Kenya

Livestock respiration chambers, Kenya.

Six livestock respiration chambers (3 cattle and 3 small ruminant).

The Mazingira Centre has now been operating No Pollution reparation chambers since 2014. As part of the ILRI (International Livestock research Institute). The Centre laboratories gather data on environmental parameter including livestock systems, greenhouse gas emissions, hydrological parameters, soil and plant nutrient contents as well as soil C sequestration.