No Pollution Industrial Systems Ltd.

Set up in Edinburgh in 2007, as a descendant of a thirty year old business specialising in Industrial Soundproofing and precision HVAC systems.

The initial focus was on developing new european markets and enlarging the portfolio of projects, with particular attention to Energy Recovery and Advanced Climate Control.

These goals have been achieved and surpassed, with new systems successfully installed across Europe and almost all other continents.


no pollution Industrial Systems Ltd begins trading in Edinburgh!


the first truly hygienic soundproofing enclosure utilising Corian® was installed for a major soft-drink’s bottling plant


new design of soundproofing enclosures, with increased visibility, installed on 2 Single Facers design of high-efficiency Heat Recovery unit for dirty hot air expulsions



new under-bridge Soundproofing Enclosure installed on 2 Single Facers in Italy 6 Controlled Climate Chambers installed for SAC in Edinburgh first Wet End Energy Optimisation and Recovery System installed for largest Swedish cardboard manufacturer


Soundproofing Enclosure on TEXO Printer and Rotary Die Cutter for a Cardboard Manufacturer 12 Feed Weighing Stations installed for SAC in Edinburgh Soundproofing Enclosures on 2 BOBST Flexo Printing units for a Cardboard Manufacturer 6 Airflow Monitoring systems installed for SAC in Edinburgh


4 Controlled Climate Chambers, with integrated feed and water intake measuring system, installed for a research Institute in Brazil design of Small Animal Calorimeters for a Research Institute in South Africa design and extensive testing of new Control System with Data Capture for Calorimeters  



Design and delivery of Calorimeter for a Research Institute in Brazil Manufacture of vortex reducing “Swirl Grids” for underwater model testing facility in Edinburgh First fully-glazed Soundproofing Enclosure installed on Agnati Single Facer for Cardboard Manufacturer in Italy no pollution participates to Greenhouse Gasses, Animals and Agricolture Conference in Dublin, Ireland Design of 4 Calorimeters for Research Institute in Argentina


First fully-glazed Soundproofing Enclosure installed on FOSBER Dry End, France First 3 fully-glazed Soundproofing Enclosures on BHS Wet End, Italy Design and Installation of 3 large animal calorimeters and 3 small animal calorimeters for a Research Institute in Kenya First Mobile Calorimeter for “in the field” analysis delivered to Research Institute in Kenya Design and Installation of 6 Calorimeters with integrated feed and water measuring apparatus for a Research Institute in Australia New Design of Soundproofing Enclosure on BHS Single Facer, France


First water based Heat Recovery Units installed for Cardboard Manufacturer, France 2 Air-to-Air Heat Recovery Units installed for Cardboard Manufacturer, Sweden



Soundproofing chamber installation For DS Smith,s new £2.8m corrugator, Livingston site.


Strickhof Animal Calorimeter Chambers – 12 state of the art animal calorimeter chambers designed and installed. 6 Livestock respiration chambers installed in Kenya. 4 Livestock respiration chambers at Aberystywyth university.


A busy year saw no pollution install soundproofing for a cardboard production dry end facility in the north of France as well as soundproofing of a single facer unit on a cardboard production line in Santander, Spain and soundproofing a cardboard production line in France.


Installation of 3 air recovery units at a new cardboard factory in Norway. These insatllations will allow the plant to operate in a more energy efficienmt manner by repurposing the waste heat from the production line via a HVAC system to provide heating for the rest of the factory.